Established in Herstal (a province of Liège) since 2005, and managed by Enzo Di Maria, METALSAB specialises in the treatment of surfaces and the painting of metallic parts for the high-precision mechanical industry. Its accreditations with companies such as CMI and even the Liège Space Centre make METALSAB a renowned expert in its industry sector.

Our technicians ensure the sanding, sandblasting, metallisation, phosphating, stainless steel passivation and painting of elements and products for the industry. We also work for the construction industry (cleaning and renovation of gates) as well as vehicle renovation (bodywork and rims).

Additionally, we offer craftsman skills for the purpose of restoring antique furniture, such as cast iron cookers or tables, or creating prototypes. This activity is aimed at professionals (design businesses, architects and decorators) as well as individuals, who can contact the company direct.

Our technicians scrupulously follow the industrial processes associated with various operations, and when the work is completed we provide all the certificates required for your checks (e.g. painting certificate).